Real Referb
Real Referb was created from a direct requirement to "make good" customers homes, after our sister company Commtexx Ltd had be into homes and offices to install Lcd and Plasma televisions onto walls, and also  into walls!

We were noticing that more and more customers were now having a lot of work done, not just the television work. This additional work was seriously stretching the capabilities of Commtexx Ltd and its available resources, therefore Real Referb was created.
Our History
From Design
Through Renovation
To Completion
Real Referb is now a dedicated referbishment company, that can handle any type of referbishment request for the home or office.

This has now given us the opportunity to provide a 5 Star    service, that is now dedicated to referbishment. We have added staff and numerous resources to Real Referb to allow the company to provide nothing but the best to you our valued customer.

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